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One of the main principles of criminal law “ultima ratio”, also said “minimal intervention principle”, has been gradually faded because of the last criminal law amendments. This fact leads our firm to pay special attention to this legal area, being able to include our expertise on it to other legal areas when it is necessary.

  • Legal assistance to persons under arrest. Rovira & Vila Advocats™ has an extensive experience in providing legal assistance to persons under arrest or to persons accused of any kind of crimes. It is our belief that all persons have the presumption of innocence and we strive for this right to be respected.
  • Criminal Procedure. Complaints and lawsuits. We assist our clients in all Spanish criminal jurisdictions as defence lawyers or as accusation.
  • Juvenile justice. Our firm count with specialized lawyers in juvenile criminal law, offering our legal support to families and young members at all levels.
  • Due diligence. Risck assessment about criminal liability of enterprises issued from their activities.


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