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It is often difficult for individuals to assert their rights or to protect their properties. In Rovira & Vila Advocats™ we are well aware of this and are dedicated to seek counsel and support in such circumstances.

Our lawyers are devoted to work alongside their clients to promote their best interests.

Our clients know they can rely upon Rovira & Vila Advocats™ to help them through such demanding situations, in counselling, negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Apart from our solid expertise in civil and procedural law, Rovira & Vila Advocats™ has a sound knowledge of Catalan civil law due to its geographical situation.

  • Litigation: after more than 20 years, our firm has gathered professional experience in all sort of civil proceedings. We act promptly when is needed to reply a lawsuit or notification. We count with our multidisciplinary team who will know how to deal your case and carry out in court.
  • Inheritance law:   when there is a transfer “causa mortis” several doubts or conflicts may arise and legal counsel can be required from our lawyers. We can help you either in document drafting, in family conflict mediation or in judicial resolution.
  •  Family law:  we act as lawyers and advisors in couple crises and in family conflicts, adapting our task to our clients needs.
  •  Unpaid debts:  we also offer our services in unpaid credit management adapting costs to the claimed amount.
  •  Vulnerable persons defence: our sensitivity in procedures for intellectual disability is renowned as well as our legal support to families with some disabled member.
  •  Asset and heritance management: we manage properties wich can be in different legal situations (property society, inheritance in abeyance, disabled person assets…)
  •  Real estate law: Rovira & Vila Advocats™ can advise you entirely in property matters. We are rental experts and one of our lawyers is real estate agent (API), too.

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